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Radiographic Anatomy

Normal Radiographic Anatomy:

Practice Quizzes

Intraoral techniques, Radiographic Interpretation :
kvp and ma:
The Dental X-ray Machine:
The Filter and Collimator:
Factors Affecting Radiographic Density and Contrast:
Radiographic Film:
Errors in Technique and Processing:
Processing Errors - Images for Practical:
Identify these Landmarks Commonly Seen on Peripacal Films:
Identify these Landmarks Commonly Seen on Panoramic Films:
Practice for Final Exam:
Radiographic landmarks:
Radiation Biology:
Radiographic Hygiene:
Panoramic Radiography:
Occlusal Films and Supplemental Techniques:
Film Processing & the Darkroom. :
Processing quiz from another website.:

Miscellaneous Links

The History of Radiology:
Facts About Radiation and Us:
Frequently Asked Questions About Radiation:
Radiation and Life:
Basic Terminology:
Radiation Sites of Interest:
Film Mounting & Grading Criteria :