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The Teeth and Supporting Structures

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Photo Page/1 Picture

Rest you cursor over the images for the answers.
erosion - chemical wear of the tooth

attrition - some attrition is normal over time

abrasion= mechanical (toothbrush)

Tooth Surface?

Incisal surface , Facial surface
Biting surface is called? Surface closest to lips is the?

Tooth surface?

Tooth surface?

Tooth surface?

A=quadrant #1  B=#2  C=#4  D=#3

A=crown, B= root, C= enamel, D= dentin
A,B,C, and D

E=pulp chamber,  F=cementum,  G=pulp canal
E, F, and G

H=alveolar bone and I=apical foramen
H and I

A-alveolar mucosa B=mucogingival junction
A and B

C=attached gingiva (this part is keratinized)

Click on image for answers, click back to return
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Circular and transepptal (cementum to cementum)
What are these gingival fibers

A=pulp horns, B=pulp chamber, C= pulp canal
Name the parts of the pulp

A=alveolar crest, B=horizontal, C=interradicular
A, B and C (D&E next picture)

D=oblique and E=apical

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