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Structures of the Oral Cavity
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circled area

nasolabial sulcus or groove
circled area

vermillion zone or border (lips)
circled area

mental groove.(sulcus)
circled area

labial commissure (corner of lip)
circled area

labio marginal sulcus (groove from lip to cheek)
circled area

lingual frenum (frenums restrain tissue)
upper arrows

maxillary tuberosity

palatine rugae

fovea palatinus (openings that secret mucous)

fordyce granuals (normal)

incisive papilla (covers incisive foramen)

A=fungiform B=filiform(no tastebuds)
circled are hair-like

A=vestibule B=oral cavity proper A  B =oral cavity

incisive papilla

palatine rugae (wavey lines)

soft palate (lining mucosa)

bifid uvula (slight cleft palate)

A=glossopalatine B= phayrngopalatine C=uvula

sublingual caruncle (site of Wharton's Duct)

hard palate (masticatory mucosa)

foliate papilla

bilateral mandibular tori (plural of torus)

palatine rugae

palatine raphe (covers median suture)

tissue tag on labial frenum (normal)

linea alba (correspond to occlusal plane - normal)

palatine or maxillary torus (plural is tori)

extostosis (like tori but excess bone on buccal)

circumvalate papilla (site of Von Ebner's Glands)

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